Welcome to Tong Ren Live and our collective healing community. Our goal here is to provide service and information to our Tong Ren community. We welcome any and all who are looking for a scientific approach to healing. We are not affiliated with any religious organizations. We encourage people who are in search of a different healing approach to at least try with an open mind there is nothing to lose.

Our Tong Ren services vary from free healing classes on site and live on internet healing classes to private Tong Ren treatments, acupuncture, and Tui Na massage. We also provide distance healing sessions by phone and Skype video conferencing. For any information on our on site or internet healing please click on www.tongrenstation.com.

In addition to our services we provide certified Tong Ren healing and Tui Na training. Tong Ren training is taught by Tom Tam the founder of Tong Ren Healing. Tom has written many books that detail Tong Ren Healing, explaining the theory and practical use. We also carry the essential supplies to be a Tong Ren practitioner. Interested in learning Tong Ren Healing? Look for upcoming classes at www.tomtam.com.

Our Chi Gong/Tai Chi MP4 video is available to download once you log in with a user name and password. 

Please browse our site check out our affiliate links and feel free to come back anytime to visit us or contact us for more information.


24 Hour Tong Ren Healing Re-Broadcast








Tap Into The Collective

The Collective Conscious is very powerful! Using the Collective Conscious to tap into the Collective Unconscious, healing miracles happen.

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